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Want an original place to get tattooed? Do you dream of being tattooed but do you fear the indelible side of the tattoo? It’s normal. However nothing requires you to make a pattern in an extremely visible place that could hinder you in the future. The trick? Choose to ink tattoo on a hidden part of your body. The perfect location for this tattoo? Hip and high thigh. This generally hidden place is visible only when you are stripped. Whether it’s an inspirational phrase, a minimalist design or a larger motive, it’s up to you to choose what best suits your needs. But we recommend floral tattoo on this place because it is such gorgeous and sexy for all the girls who love flowers. So we selected you 50 favorite floral tattoos to achieve at the hip and high thigh. Enjoy! 1. Front of Thigh Tattoo The front of thigh tattoo placement has become very popular for women over the past two years. That’s because it is not only flattering and sexy but also offers a larger canvas for detailed designs. A floral tattoo that draws the eye vertically up your thigh can also make your leg appear slimmer. To accentuate your curves, even more, choose a design that extends up your hip. All eyes will be on you when bikini season begins. 2. Side Thigh Tattoo While many women choose the side of their thigh for a large, bold tattoo, it’s also an ideal placement for a more minimal design. Whatever you choose, ensure the final result flatters your body’s natural shape when viewed in profile. You could choose a large floral design with shading that makes the most of your curves, or a linear tattoo that makes your legs seem longer. 3. Upper Thigh Tattoo While many women choose larger thigh tattoos to make the most of the space, a small upper thigh tattoo is equally sexy. It creates a subtly sensual effect because it’s so intimate – it is usually not visible to other people. For someone to see it, they would have to be very close to your body. As a result, many women choose a specific tattoo design with personal meaning; some ideas include a name tattoo, star sign, or special symbols that only you understand. 4. Hip and Thigh Tattoo For women who want a bold and sexy tattoo that’s bound to get attention, a hip and thigh tattoo is a perfect choice. Larger and more detailed tattoos suit the hip and thigh placement. To complement your body shape, choose a design that incorporates curved lines, such as a snake, dragon, or swimming fish. Additionally, unlike horizontal tattoos, which can make your body seem wider, tattoos with a vertical axis draw the eye down. As a result, this part of your body seems slimmer. 5. Inner Thigh Tattoo An inner thigh tattoo is a perfect sexy tattoo placement. That’s because it’s an intimate and private area of your body, meant only for certain eyes to see. Many women choose to get an empowering quote, special symbol, or a lover’s nickname inked on their inner thigh, as the tattoo becomes a personal secret that’s only theirs to share. 6. Sexy Tattoo Placing any tattoo on your thigh gives it a sensual vibe – the design itself doesn’t have to be raunchy or explicit. However, what is considered sexy depends on the individual. For those who like a classic sexy tattoo, a traditional pin-up girl or garter inking could be the perfect thigh tattoo choice. For others, a word tattoo is all that’s needed to make a tattoo sexy. It’s all about your personal preference and what you find attractive. 7. Rose Thigh Tattoo When it comes to floral tattoos, roses are one of the most classic designs. They look beautiful at any size and suit most placements due to their soft petals. They are also a dramatic and meaningful tattoo, being associated with love and beauty. When choosing a rose thigh tattoo, you could opt for a large and photorealistic inking – or a tiny and delicate stylized rose. It’s a versatile flower that you can adapt to suit your style. 8. Back of Thigh Tattoo A tattoo on the back of your thigh is a sexy option if you want to draw attention to your lower half. A peachy rear makes for the perfect complement to a thigh tattoo, especially if you love to wear shorts or a mini skirt. For a flattering look, ask your artist to follow the curve of your thigh when placing the tattoo, and choose a soft and feminine design – like a string of flowers – for a pretty and delicate result. Bear in mind that cellulite could impact the look of your thigh tattoo. Women with a lot of cellulite could try a side-of-thigh, hip, or front-of-thigh tattoo instead. Share This8.5KShares